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53 Catalytic flow with a coupled Finite Difference – Lattice Boltzmann scheme
D. Berger, A.-S. Smith, and J. Harting
arXiv:1804.07588, 2018
52 Universal hidden order in amorphous cellular geometries
M. Klatt, J. Lovrić, D. Chen, S. Kapfer, F. Schaller, P. Schönhöfer, B. Gardiner, A.-S. Smith, S. Torquato, and G. Schröder-Turk
submitted, 2017
51 Microswimming with inertia
J. Pande*, K. Pickl*, O. Trosman, U. Rüde, and A.-S. Smith
arXiv:1603.04633, 2016
50 Water in an electric field does not dance alone
Z. Milicevic, D. M. Smith, and A.-S. Smith
submitted, 2016



49 Dynamic Equilibria in Supported Ionic Liquid Phase (SILP) Catalysis: In-Situ IR Spectroscopy Identifies [Ru(CO)xCly]n Species in Water Gas Shift Catalysis
T. Bauer, R. Stepic, P. Wolf, F. Kollhoff, W. Karawacka, C. Wick, M. Haumann, P. Wasserscheid, D. M. Smith, A.-S. Smith, and J. Libuda
Catal. Sci. Technol. 8, 344, 2018
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48 Structural basis for the shielding function of the dynamic trypanosome VSG coat
T. Bartossek, N. G. Jones, C. Schäfer, M. Cvitković, M. Glogger, H. R. Mott, J. Kuper, M. Brennich, M. Carrington, A.-S. Smith, S. Fenz, C. Kisker and M. Engstler
Nature Microbiology 2, 1523, 2017
47 General asymptotic expansions of the hypergeometric function with two large parameters
M. Cvitković, A.-S. Smith, and J. Pande
J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 50, 265206, 2017
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46 Membrane fluctuations mediate lateral interactions between cadherin bonds
S. Fenz, T. Bihr, D. Schmidt, R. Merkel, U. Seifert, K. Sengupta, and A.-S. Smith
Nature Physics 13, 906, 2017
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45 Effect of body deformability on microswimming
J. Pande, L. Merchant, T. Krüger, J. Harting, and A.-S. Smith
Soft Matter 13, 3984, 2017
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44 Measuring the invisible – Determining the size of growing nanodomains using the “inverse FCS”
S. F. Fenz , A.-S. Smith, C. Monzel
Biophysical Journal 112, 2245, 2017
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43 Setting the pace of microswimmers: when increasing viscosity speeds up self-propulsion
J. Pande, L. Merchant, T. Krüger, J. Harting, and A.-S. Smith
New J. Phys. 19, 053024, 2017
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42 Lattice Boltzmann simulations of the bead-spring microswimmer with a responsive stroke—from an individual to swarms
K. Pickl, J. Pande, H. Köstler, U. Rüde, and A.-S. Smith
J Phys.: Condens. Matter 29, 124001, 2017
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41 Physical determinants of bipolar mitotic spindle assembly and stability in fission yeast
R. Blackwell, C. Edelmaier, O. Sweezy-Schindler, A. Lamson, Z. R. Gergely, E. O’Toole, A. Crapo, L. E. Hough, J. R. McIntosh, M. A. Glaser and M. D. Betterton
Sci. Adv. 7,1, 2017
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40 Radial growth in two dimensions revisited: The effect of finite density, binding affinity, reaction rates and diffusion
T. Bihr, F.-Z. Sada, U. Seifert, R. Klupp Taylor, and A.-S. Smith
Adv. Mater. Interfaces 4, 1600310, 2017
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39 Limits of applicability of the Voronoi tessellation determined by centres of cell nuclei to epithelium morphology
S. Kaliman, C. Jayachandran, F. Rehfeldt, and A.-S. Smith
Front. Physiol. 7, 551, 2016
38 Biophysics: Alive and twitching
A.-S. Smith
Nat. Phys. 12, 378, 2016
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37 Nanometric Thermal Fluctuations of Weakly Confined Bio-membranes Measured with Microsecond Time-Resolution
C. Monzel, D. Schmidt, U. Seifert, A.-S. Smith, R. Merkel, and K. Sengupta
Soft Matter 12, 4755, 2016
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36 Measuring Fast Stochastic Displacements of Bio-Membranes with Dynamic Optical Displacement Spectroscopy
C. Monzel, D. Schmidt, C. Kleusch, D. Kirchenbüchler, U. Seifert, A.-S. Smith, K. Sengupta, and R. Merkel
Nat. Commun. 6, 8162, 2015
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35 Crowding of receptors induces ring-like adhesions in model membranes
D. Schmidt, T. Bihr, S. Fenz, R. Merkel, U. Seifert, K. Sengupta, and A.-S. Smith
BBA: Mol. Cell Res. 1853, 2984, 2015
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34 Multiscale approaches to protein-mediated interactions between membranes-Relating microscopic and macroscopic dynamics in radially growing adhesions
T. Bihr, U. Seifert, and A.-S. Smith
New J. Phys. 18, 083016, 2015
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33 Complementary Molecular Dynamics and X-Ray Reflectivity Study of an Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquid at a Neutral Sapphire Interface
Z. Brkljača, M. Klimczak, Z. Miličević, M. Weisser, N. Taccardi, P. Wasserscheid, D. M. Smith, A. Magerl, and A.-S. Smith
J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 6, 549, 2015
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32 Forces and shapes as determinants of micro-swimming: Effect on synchronisation and the utilisation of drag
J. Pande and A.-S. Smith
Soft Matter 11, 2364, 2015
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31 Parallel Simulations of Self-propelled Microorganisms
K. Pickl, M. Hofmann, T. Preclik, H. Köstler, A.-S. Smith, U. Rüde
Advances in Parallel Computing, Vol 25, 395, 2016
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30 Association Rates of Membrane-Coupled Cell Adhesion Molecules
T. Bihr, S. Fenz, E. Sackmann, R. Merkel, U. Seifert, K. Sengupta, A.-S. Smith
Biophys. J. 107, L33, 2014
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29 Calculating CD Spectra of Flexible Peptides: An Assessment of TD-DFT Functionals
Z. Brkljača, M. Mališ, D. M. Smith, and A.-S. Smith
J. Chem. Theory Comput. 10, 3270, 2014
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28 Establishing conditions for simulating hydrophobic solutes in electric fields by molecular dynamics
Z. Miličević, S. J. Marrink, A.-S. Smith, and D. M. Smith
J. Mol. Model. 20, 2359, 2014
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27 Signature of a Nonharmonic Potential as Revealed from a Consistent Shape and Fluctuation Analysis of an Adherent Membrane
D. Schmidt, C. Monzel, T. Bihr, R. Merkel, U. Seifert, K. Sengupta, and A.-S. Smith
Phys. Rev. X 4, 021023, 2014
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26 Novel Growth Regime of MDCK II Model Tissues on Soft Substrates
S. Kaliman, C. Jayachandran, F. Rehfeld, and A.-S. Smith
Biophys. J. 106, L25, 2014
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25 Rhodomyrtals A–D, four unusual phloroglucinol-sesquiterpene adducts from Rhodomyrtus psidioides
Q. Shou, J. E. Smith, H. Mon, Z. Brkljača, A.-S. Smith, D. M. Smith, H. J. Griesser, and Hans Wohlmuth
RSC Adv. 4, 13514, 2014
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24 Facile colloidal coating of polystyrene nanospheres with tunable gold dendritic patches
H. Bao, T. Bihr, A.-S. Smith, and R. N. Klupp Taylor
Nanoscale 6, 3954, 2014
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23 Physics of cell adhesion: some lessons from cell-mimetic systems
E. Sackmann and A.-S. Smith
Soft Matter 10, 1644, 2014
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22 Nucleation of Ligand-Receptor Domains in Membrane Adhesion
T. Bihr, U. Seifert, and A.-S. Smith
Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 258101, 2012
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21 Coexistence of dilute and densely packed domains of ligand-receptor bonds in membrane adhesion
D. Schmidt, T. Bihr, U. Seifert, and A.-S. Smith
EPL 99, 38003, 2012
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20 All good things come in threes—Three beads learn to swim with lattice Boltzmann and a rigid body solver
K. Pickl, J. Götz, K. Iglberger, J. Pande, K. Mecke, A.-S. Smith, and U. Rüde
J. Comput. Sci. 3, 374, 2012
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19 Calculation of the CD Spectrum of a Peptide from Its Conformational Phase Space: The Case of Met-enkephalin and Its Unnatural Analogue
Z. Brkljača, K. Čondić-Jurkić, A.-S. Smith, and D. M. Smith
J. Chem. Theory Comput. 8, 1694, 2012
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18 The Protonation States of the Active-Site Histidines in (6–4) Photolyase
K. Čondić-Jurkić, A.-S. Smith, H. Zipse, and D. M. Smith
J. Chem. Theory Comput. 8, 1078, 2012
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17 Switching from Ultraweak to Strong Adhesion
S. F. Fenz, T. Bihr, R. Merkel, U. Seifert, K. Sengupta, and A.-S. Smith
Adv. Mater. 23, 2622, 2011
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16 Inter-membrane adhesion mediated by mobile linkers: Effect of receptor shortage
S. F. Fenz, A.-S. Smith, R. Merkel, and K. Sengupta
Soft Matter 7, 952, 2011
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15 Two intertwined facets of adherent membranes: membrane roughness and correlations between ligand–receptors bonds
E. Reister, T. Bihr, U. Seifert, and A.-S. Smith
New J. Phys. 13, 025003, 2011
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14 Physics challenged by cells
A.-S. Smith
Nat. Phys. 6, 726, 2010
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13 Inferring spatial organization of bonds within adhesion clusters by exploiting fluctuations of soft interfaces
A.-S. Smith, S. F. Fenz, and K. Sengupta
EPL 89, 28003, 2010
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12 Progress in Mimetic Studies of Cell Adhesion and the Mechanosensing
A.-S. Smith and E. Sackmann
ChemPhysChem 10, 66, 2009
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11 Dynamics of Specific Vesicle-Substrate Adhesion: From Local Events to Global Dynamics
E. Reister-Gottfried, K. Sengupta, B. Lorz, E. Sackmann, U. Seifert, and A.-S. Smith
Phys. Rev. Lett. 101, 208103, 2008
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10 Force-induced growth of adhesion domains is controlled by receptor mobility
A.-S. Smith, K. Sengupta, S.e Goennenwein, U. Seifert, and E. Sackmann
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 105, 6906, 2008
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9 Adhesion of Giant Vesicles Mediated by Weak Binding of Sialyl-LewisX to E-Selectin in the Presence of Repelling Poly(ethylene glycol) Molecules
B. G. Lorz, A.-S. Smith, C. Gege, and Erich Sackmann
Langmuir 23, 12293, 2007
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8 Vesicles as a model for controlled (de-)adhesion of cells: a thermodynamic approach
A.-S. Smith and U. Seifert
Soft Matter 3, 275, 2007
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7 Force-Controlled Equilibria of Specific Vesicle-Substrate Adhesion
A.-S. Smith, B. G. Lorz, S. Goennenwein, and E. Sackmann
Biophys. J. 90, L52, 2006
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6 Antagonist-Induced Deadhesion of Specifically Adhered Vesicles
A.-S. Smith, B. G. Lorz, U. Seifert, and E. Sackmann
Biophys. J. 90, 1064, 2006
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5 The total solute-water correlation function for Lennard-Jones particles
A.-S. Smith
Fizika A-Zagreb 14, 187, 2005
4 Force-Induced De-Adhesion of Specifically Bound Vesicles:  Strong Adhesion in Competition with Tether Extraction
A.-S. Smith and U. Seifert
Langmuir 21, 11357, 2005
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3 Effective adhesion strength of specifically bound vesicles
A.-S. Smith and U. Seifert
Phys. Rev. E 71, 061902, 2005
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2 Pulling Tethers from Adhered Vesicles
A.-S. Smith, E. Sackmann, and U. Seifert
Phys. rev. Lett. 92, 208101, 2004
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1 Effects of a pulling force on the shape of a bound vesicle
A.-S. Smith, E. Sackmann, and U. Seifert
Europhys. Lett. 62, 281, 2003
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