Computerphysik und numerische Methoden

Important news

  • On Tuesday October 29th, there won’t be any exercise class from 8 to 10 am!
    The Tuesday exercise will continue on November 3rd from where we stopped on October 22nd.
  • For the weeks of numerical methods (at least until November 29th) there won’t be exercise classes on Thursday.


There is a Studon-Course that you can join for information on the exercise classes as well as for notification via E-mail.

Tutorial classes

There are currently three exercise classes being offered, Monday 10-12, Tuesday 8-10 and Thursday 14-16, all being held in the CIP pool of the Physics building.

The programming exercises are provided via the version control system git.
We recommend using it to manage all of the programming exercises.
During the first week of tutorial classes there was an introduction to git and C++ programming.

A repository containing samples as well as a short version of this introduction and sample tasks can be found at You can follow the instructions listed on that page to generate your own copy of the repository to work on.

In order to hand in your solutions and have them automatically tested/judged, you should request membership to the group at once you have logged in to the service using your IDM credentials.

Once you have been granted access to the group you can proceed to create a new project prefixed with your IDM identifier in order to distinguish your project from other people’s projects.
Please follow the instructions provided in the template project’s README to create and initialize your project.

We kindly ask you to set your project settings to “private”. If you want to cooperate with other students, you can grant them access to your project specifically.